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What is Epoxy?

Epoxies are chemical compounds that consist of a base and a curing agent. When mixed together, the base and curing agent cause a chemical reaction that hardens the mixture into an inert, hard plastic.

Why use Epoxy?

  • Epoxy coatings resist other chemicals.
  • Epoxy coatings bond very well to other surfaces.
  • Epoxy coatings are very durable.
  • Epoxy caotings are not porous (water and other liquids can't penetrate the surface).

What color is epoxy?

By iteself, epoxy is yellowish white chalky liquid. Pigments may be added to obtain nearly any color or shade desired.

Epoxy Floor Coating: work done in Massachusetts
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  • entry ways
  • walkways
  • steps / landings
  • decks / pool areas
  • concrete floors
  • brick / block walls
  • exposed foundations
  • building facades
  • columns
  • garage floors
  • basements / cellars
  • entire structures!

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