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Residential Concrete Repair, Resurfacing, Decorative Concrete, Epoxy Coatings and Applications.

Concrete Resurfacing Systems can repair, resurface, color, tint, coat or seal virtually any solid surface with decorative concrete, 100% Epoxy coatings.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Floor Epoxy Coating Systems are recommended for residential garage floors, basements and other interior surfaces to reduce problems associated with "concrete dust" and automotive (petroleum) products. Epoxy coatings are also used as a finish coat over repaired or patched concrete to provide an attractive, uniform finish. Available in choice of colors.

Photo of residential garage floor concrete before resurfacing. Photo of residential garage floor concrete after resurfacing.

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Be sure to check our Concrete Flooring Options pages for more ideas for repairing, restoring or resurfacing new or existing concrete with many optional colors, textures and patterns.

If you are a home owner, realtor or real estate property manager and would like additional information about concrete resurfacing or epoxy floor coating systems, please contact us.

Resurface pool deck area where outdoor carpeting, adhesive, mold from years of water damage.

CLICK HERE for more BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS of decorative concrete repairs, pool deck resurfacing and epoxy coating work.

  • Much lower cost when compared to replacement options.

  • Installation with minimal disturbance and inconvenience.

  • Applications from 1 inch thick to the thinness of a dime.

  • Insulation value both cool and warm.

  • Special non-skid surfaces available.

  • Compressive, flexural, tensile and shear bond adhesion that is twice the strength of ordinary concrete.

  • Endless colors, designs, textures and patterns.

  • Endures northern freeze-thaw cycles and desert heat.

  • Lasting solution to high-traffic areas.

  • Trained & Certified Applicators

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